Oleoresin Paprika

Paprika Oleoresin (also known as paprika exctract) is derived from fat-based Capsicum Annum Linn and Capsicum Frutescens. Firstly, It is used as colorant in foods.  Capcaisin, which is in its composition, has a characteristic flavour and gives a sharp taste in high concentrations. Capsantin and capsorubin molecules are the structures that reveal the colorant feature.

Paprika oleoresin-colored foods are used in the production of cheeses, orange juices, spices, sauces and emulsified processed meats. It is also used in poultry to bring the color of the eggs to a darker tone.

Oleoresin Capsicum

Capsicum oleoresin is a natural plant extract that is sperated from Capsicum Annum Linn plant by physical methods such as natural deep red color, as a flavour enhancer, pure and intense painful extraction. It is also water soluble. Capsicum has a sharp and pure aroma. It usually used in ready to eat noodles, pickles, food and spices or in restaurants and houses.

Product IUPAC Name CAS Number
Capsaicin 8-Metil-N-vanillil-trans-6-nonenamid 404-86-4
Capsanthin (all-E,3R,3'S,5'R)-3,3'-dihidroksi-β,κ-karoten-6'-on 465-42-9
Capsorubin (all-E,3S,3'S,5R,5'R)-3,3'-dihydroxy-κ,κ-karotene-6,6'-dion 470-38-2